Zenaniel's Tent

by kugelblitz

In the Groves, each of Michael’s Servitors has their own tent, to decorate as they choose. This is Zenaniel’s.

During the Crusades, King Guy of Jerusalem had a big red square tent. It was captured by the Muslims at the Battle of Hattin in 1187. It was the center of the Christian resistance, and Saladin knew that as long as it stood, the Christians would not bend.

The Saracen forces then began charging up the hill in endless droves. The Christians fought back silently as more and more of the crusading force met with the death of Saladin’s blades. As the day fought on, there remained but a few hundred Christian knights huddled around King Guy’s tent. Saladin’s son, seeing the small pack of crusaders rallied around Guy’s tent cried out to his father that the infidels had been routed. He was chastised by his father, who said as long as the tent stood the battle had not been won. In the tent, the trembling Guy held onto the True Cross. Another Moslem charge soon brought the tent to the desert dirt.

Stephen Dafoe, “A History and Mythos of the Knights Templar”


Zenaniel’s tent is big, red, and rectangular with a pyramidal top. It sits in a grassy open spot. A crenelated edge runs around the top, and a small purple ribbon flips from the center pole. The entrance is a slit in one wall. There is a framed gong near the entrance with a mallet hanging next to it. If someone wants to duel, they only need to bang on it. Inside are some nice purple and black hangings lining the walls. There is a sword rack and a small bench for visitors. A variety of practice weapons hang on a rack nearby; they are plain and unadorned.

Zenaniel's Tent

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