The Vale of Dreams

The Vale of Dreams, Blandine’s side of the Near Marches, encompasses a vast amount of space. Among the drifting dreamscape bubbles Blandine’s servitors keep watch for ethereals waiting for a chance to infiltrate a human’s dream and escape to earth. There are structures here as well, most notably the ruins of the first Tower of Dreams, destroyed during the Fall, and Eternity, an asylum for incurably insane angels.

“And Thou Shalt Walk in the Terror of the Lord”

This statue once stood at the apex of the first Tower. Originally it depicted the animal forms of Blandine and Beleth, at that time both Cherubim. The stone is blue-gray-green, and used to shine with its own light. Beleth, a lion, looked up, one paw upraised to as if to partially shield her face. Blandine, a luna moth whose wing spots reflected the phases of the moon, hovered close to that paw. When the statue fell from the Tower, the face of the lion was destroyed, and the wings and the upraised paw broken from its body. Blandine’s servitors say that the moth still hangs above the now-ruined Tower as it always did, although it is almost never seen.

The statue is not often visited, but Malakim of Dreams still make a solitary pilgrimage here to swear their first oaths.

The Vale of Dreams

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