The New York Public Library, Tether to Destiny

Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street

by Ednoria

“A good booke is the precious life-blood of a master spirit,
imbalm’d and treasur’d up on purpose to a life beyond life.”
— from Milton’s Areopagitica, inscribed over one of the doors in the Rose Main Reading Room


The Humanities and Social Sciences Library of the New York Public Library is famous for many things, including the Rose Main Reading Room, the much-loved stone lions (nicknamed Patience and Fortitude), and its huge collection of books and periodicals. What most humans do not realize is that it is also famous as a tether to Yves.

Built at the turn of the century, the library officially opened its doors to the public on May 24th, 1911. It was established as a tether to Destiny that very day, and has steadily grown in importance ever since. Providing “free and open access to the accumulated wisdom of the world”, it has moved many a mortal closer to his or her destiny. In a city considered as cold and uncaring as New York, the NYPL has consistently found itself the beneficiary of large monetary gifts, both public and anonymous, from grateful readers. The latest donation came from the Rose family, which donated $15 million for the renovation of Room 315, now the Rose Main Reading Room.

The “master spirit” here is the Kyriotate Dabriel. Originally assigned to Earth several thousand years ago, it eventually worked its way up to become one of Yves’ more important Heavenly librarians. Several hundred years of peace and quiet were more than it could bear, however, and when the NYPL tether was established, it immediately applied for and received the position of Seneschal.


Dabriel is known for its rather playful personality. Small children will occasionally insist that they saw one or even both of the lions winking at them. A Judaic scholar will awaken from a lovely dream to find that he is reading one of the lesser-known Hebraic works, and that his finger is pointing to a name on the page: “Dabriel”.

There are several angels of Yves on permanent staff at the library, as well as a couple of Soldiers of God and one very enthusiastic reliever, Bob. Angels new to the area can count on Bob for information and help. Because the library’s copying services have been substantially enhanced by Jean, Bob can provide driver’s licenses, credit cards, and any other paperwork an angel might need to start out life in the Big Apple.

Angels descending from the tether’s upper locus appear in the stacks under the Rose Main Reading Room. From there they may enter the library proper through any of several doors into the various collections. Yves is known to prefer the Berg Collection Reading Room, open only to published authors.

The New York Public Library, Tether to Destiny

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