Here, let me help you with that…

Shilom, a Mercurian in service to Dominic.


Please put down the gun. I know you really don’t don’t want to hurt anyone. I can help you, really. Let’s talk.

Hi, I am Special Agent Stone of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but my friends call me Janet. You can call me Janet. Please tell us what we need to know before Gil gets angry, I don’t want to see you get hurt…

Clothing: I shop at Nordies, Barney’s and Bloomies, sometimes Sak’s or Macy’s.
Weapon: The Light of God, but if that doesn’t work, I also carry a 9mm Beretta.
Age: Ante-bellum

Now that we’ve finished trashing the Impudite, do you mind if we swing by my apartment? I need to change my stockings, this pair has a run in them.

Favorite songs:
Black Lab : Wash It Away
U2 : Sunday Bloody Sunday
The Beatles : Let It Be


Sic Transit ednoria