Ofanite in service to Gabriel.


Essence: 10

Corporeal Forces: 3 [Str 5, Ag 7] Body: 25 (per vessel)
Ethereal Forces: 3 [Int 5, Pr 7] Mind: 15
Celestial Forces: 4 [W 9, Per 7] Soul: 27

Vessels: Human/2 (adult male, Sam Burns), Dove/2 (adult female)1
[9 pts]

Role: EMT/Ambulance Driver (Status 2/Level 2)
[4 pts]

Skills: (Italics if Resonance Applies)

Corporeal Ethereal Celestial
Acrobatics(Ag)/2 Computer Operation(Int)/1 Fighting(Will)/4
Climbing(Ag)/1 Dreaming(Pre)/1 Tracking(Per)/3
Dodge(Ag)/2 Knowledge(Int)/1 (NYC)
Fighting(Str)/4 (Capoeira) Driving(Pre)/1 (bike)
Running(Ag)/1 Driving(Pre)/1 (car)
Move Silently(Ag)/1 Small Weapon(Pre)/1 (knife)
Song of Healing(Corp)/3 Song of Motion(Cel)/1
Song of Fire(Corp)/3
Song of Tongues(Corp)/1
[26 pts]

Attunements: Ofanite of Fire; immune to damage from corporeal heat, radiation and electricity.
Cooperation: Special Rite — Convince a divisive group of individuals to cooperate on a task (+2 Essence if group is openly hostile) (from Asiel)3
[0 pts]

Unspent Points: 0
[0 pts]

[Total points: 49]

  1. Dove/1: Gift of Gabriel
  2. Fire (Corp/1): Gift of Gabriel
  3. Motion (Cel/1): Gift of Asiel
  4. Woden’s Armband (Ethereal Projection)
  5. Cell Phone (Corporeal Artifact)

Let’s burn…

What are we waiting for? I’ve got the keys to the car.


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