Archangel of Cooperation


Observations on Asiel after her reinstatement in Heaven, overheard in a variety of places.

We do not know. We have never asked. Was it not enough that she was separated from the wise counsels of the Most Just? We did not wish to increase her shame with prying questions. We hoped that she would return one day, renewed and at peace with herself and our Lord, though we would have hunted her down and returned her to our Lord’s justice if she had chosen another path. And now that she has been touched by God Themself — No. We will not ask.

Mille, Kyriotate of Judgment, former Triad mate

I fell in with her when she’d been Outcast for three or four decades. She never gave up — never lost her faith in God or herself as so many of us do. She loved team sports, and she got some of us together to play baseball. Practices were the high point of my week, in those days. I couldn’t hit, but if I ever got on base I could steal my way home without even trying. A die-hard Red Sox fan, that was her, always rooting for the underdog. I miss her. You have any idea how hard it is to find a good shortstop?

Zlato, Outcast Ofanite of Lightning

The Marches were her escape. I would sometimes come upon her watching a human’s dreamscape. She’d follow it for hours at a time, never interfering in any way. Occasionally she’d tell me of her journeys to the Border Marches and beyond. She took long loping runs in her Cherubic form, a winged golden-eyed she-wolf scattering the dream fragments like frightened doves before a storm. Beautiful and terrible.

Nathalia, Elohite of Dreams

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, and she walks into mine.” An appropriate sentiment, I think. Especially since the Divine Inquisition paid me a visit afterwards. I did not know her, but she knew me right away. She asked me if I would let her ascend. Her face was so full of joy — I could hardly look at her. I checked her out, naturally — force of habit — and she was clean. Absolutely clean. I didn’t understand, then. But I wasn’t going to stop her. It’s funny, but right before she left, I asked her for her blessing. I’m not sure why. I am honored to have met her.

Tirhakah, Malakite of Revelation, Seneschal of Carmichael’s Bar and Grill

Of course Dominic wanted her back. They all did. “Outcast Angel Awarded Word by God” — you just don’t see that very often. Dominic must have been embarrassed, or at least put out. Nothing like having the Hand of God set you straight, eh? What is that, twice now? Three times? No, I guess you really can’t count Uriel. Me, I don’t want to be that important. I like my job as a nobody. Just point me in the right direction and tell me what to do and I’m your girl. I’m not ready to talk to God yet. Angels are bad enough.

Kate, Soldier in service to the Sword

I’m not supposed to tell you. The Seraphim Council would be mad. I wasn’t supposed to be in the Groves that day anyway. But I heard a Windy was gonna play a joke on some of War’s Servitors — what? Oh, she was gonna replace some of their weapons with rubber ones. Just to see what would happen. So I snuck up to the Camp and — no, I don’t know which Windy. But it was a good joke. The big Malakite went all red in the face the first time he tried to hit somebody. I was laughing so hard I didn’t hear Black Elk come up behind me. When he tapped me on the shoulder, I flew right into a tree! Then he told me I had to go to the Seraphim Council and say … that thing I’m not supposed to say. Because the Trees had talked to him, and it was an Important Prophecy. So I did. And I never got to see what happened when the Cherub found out he had a big “KICK ME” sign attached to his butt.

Chet, Reliever attached to Destiny

I was performing the Trisagion in the Council that day. It required my full attention. Consequently, I did not see her when Martenas brought her into the chamber. As you are no doubt aware, the debate over who would be her new Superior was heated. She did not speak for herself; she was content to let the Council decide. When Yves’ reliever arrived, the court recorder had just been asked to strike Michael’s reference to “that Hyena” from the record. It was a welcome interruption. After the Prophecy was heard, the Council was silent for a time. When the debate began again, it was much quieter. The decision was unanimous.

Remaliah, Seraph of Protection

It’s a fabulous opportunity. I saw that right away. She reports to the Council directly, so there’s no middle man. Not a lot of power yet, but it’s best to get in on the ground floor. I went straight to Marc, told him I was volunteering for the job. He was happy to see me, said he hadn’t had a lot of applicants. I couldn’t figure out why. Sure, there’s a Kyriotate of Jordi’s on the team, and I hear it specializes in wasps, but it’ll all work out. Whoa! Gotta run, I’m late for my mission briefing.

Obed, Cherub of Trade

I met up with the Seraph of Flowers who had been assigned to the second experimental team. Besides him, there were Servitors of Protection, Lightning, Stone, and the Sword. A real mixed bag. You’d think the Seraph would have been into it, you know? But the things he said about the Elohite of Stone — I never heard language like that from a Flowers child before. I think his aura of peace must have been on the fritz that day.

Victoria, Mercurian of Creation in service to Children

Yeah, I know her. We did business a few times when she was down on her luck. Why? … You’re kidding. Son of a — Well, that is interesting. Do me a favor, tell me everything. I’ll make it worth your while.

Masako, Free Lilim

Asiel has always kept a clean kitchen.

Zenaniel, Malakite of War, in service to Cooperation